the look

Raisin Bran

My hands on your knees, I lean into you. I dip my head and find your cock with my lips. The skin on your head is smooth and soft, slipping over my tongue like a marshmallow treat. I drag my tongue along the bottom of your cock, the way you showed me to. The way you like. I bob my head back and forth over your dick, fully, nearly choking, and back again.

When you place your hands on the back of my head, I feel myself growing hot and wet. I want to serve you. It gets me off when you take what you want.

When you grab me by the hair and pull my head into you, I try to silence my gag reflex as your hard shaft explores the back of my throat. I dig my nails into your thighs, leaving my mark behind in your skin. I catch your excitement, contagious as a disease, as you grip my hair and thrust into my mouth.

I want to come with you. I'm wet and ready, turned on by the sound of your heavy panting and the way you fuck my face, the way you hold my jaw at just the angle you want it.

With one hand, I stroke your chest, running my nails across your soft flesh. With the other, I find my own pussy. I work the pad of my finger roughly against the front of my opening. I focus on the taste of your skin, on the weight of your hands, on the sound of your eager breathing. I focus on the force of your cock plunging into my open mouth and rushing back out again... and in again, to challenge the confines of my throat.

You let one cool hand drift from my head to my breast. You touch it softly first, then, as you pump in and out of my mouth, you squeeze it, hard. As you get closer to climaxing, your hand shifts rapidly from fondling my tit to using it on the back of my head as leverage as you pound into me.

With a gasp, your semen floods across my tongue. You bury my head between your legs, fucking the last of your cum into my throat. Your abdomen, your thighs, your hands, are trembling.

My fingers are slick from my pussy, which now makes a slight sloshing noise while I play with it. I rub my own cunt hard as your orgasm dies down. You return to petting my breasts, dick still in my mouth, while I masturbate.

I concentrate on how aggressively you had fucked my face seconds ago and come, trying not to bite you in the process. I buck my hips, involuntarily, against my hand and gurgle around your semen. I shake for a minute and, when I'm done, you pull my head back. I look up at you, mouth full and dripping a little. You hold my jaw shut with one finger.

For the finale, you just smile. And wait.

Hentai Blessings

The Hentai Reviewer is a blessed guide to the dizzying world of hentai available on the web. Some're good, some're great, some make your libido crawl back into its tiny, dark hole, rendering it completely irretrievable for at least... minutes.  But, with the Hentai Reviewer's handy grading system and detailed analysis, navigating your way to the internet's best smut is a piece of cherry pie.

It led me to my favorite set of 10-second clips ever:

Bondanime gets an A+, by the way.

Oooh, yeah.